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Exhibition of paintings by Mexican artist - Anaxazi „Metamorphosis“

Janusz Zięba - the director of Gorlice Cultural Centre

 Krzysztof Szadkowski - the manager of Dušan Jurkovič Polish-Slovakian House

would like to cordially invite you to the paintings exhibition






Exhibition opening 26th of September 2014 (Friday), at 18.00.

Exhibition will be open from 26th of September till 22nd of October 2014

Dušan Jurkovič Polish-Slovakian House in Gorlice, Rynek 1


Anaxazi - born in 1965 in the city of Guadalajara in Mexico under the name Francisco Javier Garcia. He spent his childhood and youth in US. At the age of 17 he was awakened to his indigenous heritage and found his identity  and took the name of his ancestors Anaxazi, which means the first or the old ones. From this moment on his search as an artist begins. He spent majority of his life living between two worlds, Mexico and USA. For 10 years he had a studio gallery in Chicago where he worked and exhibited with many different artists. At the present time he lives and works in Mexico and Poland. His new project in Mexico “La Semilla de los Injenios” consists in a creation of an alternative cultural center for all arts. His work is a manifestation of his radical life path and his indigenous roots, in which he has adopted a mystical approach. His intention is to create a surreal metaphor to awaken human consciousness, as a reminder of how near humanity is to the completion of the circle of self-destruction. His subconscious thoughts and his visions are depicted in expressionistic, abstract and surreal forms rich in harmonious colors, texture and sensitivity.


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